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Pet Nutrition



Adding coconut oil to your pet's diet is one of the healthiest things you can do for your pet! Read below how other users from The Coconut Diet Forums are using coconut oil for their cats, dogs, and horses! (others also give it their birds) This is just a sample of the testimonies about what coconut oil is doing for pets. 

For Dogs

Actually, I give all my animals Virgin Coconut Oil on their food. The two most dramatic improvements to their health are:

Casey is a Chihuahua mix were given as a gift when she was young. Her hind knees are a bit knobby and the vet said we would have to watch them as she has a loose ligament in them and she may eventually need surgery. She was hesitant to jump up on the couch or bed and we often assisted her by picking her up. Even though she was a young dog, she acted much older. I began putting Virgin Coconut Oil on her food and it was no time that she began springing up onto everything! The vet was amazed.

Belkie is a long haired Chihuahua mix and he was in very poor condition when we rescued him. You could feel every bone in his body, he had several bad teeth that needed pulling and his coat was very course. He cowered around and was very sad. After having him about a month and having some dental work done, his health and attitude improved. However, I still could not get him to stop itching. He did not have one flea on him, but he still itched! I added Virgin Coconut Oil to his food and in no time, he stopped itching and his coat is shiny, soft and bright. He is the happiest little guy you ever saw!

My neighbor also has a female Doberman that they adore. She became very ill and could not stand. Their vet said Dobermans often develop "Wobblers" and there was not much they could do. It was degenerative and she may have about a month to live. They were, of course, crushed. I, of course, never give up and told him to add Virgin Coconut Oil to her food. I sent my neighbor home with a small jar of the precious oil. He was willing to try anything. They were having to force feed her a liquid diet at the time. In 24 hours the dog was up! Over the course of the week she continued to improve. He now puts it in her food daily. She no longer wobbles when she walks and all is right with the world! My neighbor was amazed.


I have begun adding Virgin/Expeller-pressed coconut oil (whichever I happen to have) to my dogs' food several times a week. They are fed a combination of Canidae dry and raw. I occasionally supplement with K-Zyme. They have been eating this way for two months now and the results are nothing less than spectacular.

My purebred Bernese Mountain Dog is now growing in a lustrous, soft, gorgeous coat. And I've never seen him scratch! I can't wait to see how it looks when it has grown in completely!

My CollieX rescue lost the spare tire he was carrying around his middle and has gained lots of energy. His coat is also shiny, soft and with no hint of itchiness or flakes.

They are both in incredible weight and condition - enough so that I have begun to take my Virgin Coconut Oil religiously again! They lost weight, so can I!


I feed my dog a tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil every morning and I put some in her food. She loves it and her coat is shiny. The other day she got stung by a bee and her mouth was swollen. I rubbed some Virgin Coconut Oil plus gave her a tablespoon and within an hour the swelling had gone down and she was up and about.

We make our own dog food. We were feeding him a very expensive canned lamb and rice diet, the one our holistic vet recommended. But when his health turned for the worse, we decided to make the food ourselves and we now spend much less. We buy organic brown and long grain rice in bulk and cook a cup at a time. To that we add cooked organically grown, ground lamb, or bison or sometimes ground turkey. We cut up vegetables and add that to the meat and sauté in coconut oil. We divide the mixture in half and freeze one part. (He's a small dog; we feed him about 1 cup a day--divided into two meals.) He's 12 and his health has greatly improved--soared actually! He has great energy, a beautiful coat, shining eyes, and a great resistance to illness.
Cherie Calbom M.S. The Juice Lady

How much to give?

All of our dogs (6) get coconut oil every day, and they line up to get it when they see me get the jar of it out. Needless to say, their coats are sleek and shiny. The amount of coconut oil I give my dogs is primarily based on the reason I am giving it. I don't know of any other guide for doing it. One is quite overweight with a known thyroid condition--about 90#, so he gets at least a couple of Tbsp. Two of the others have some dry "dandruffy" skin and weigh less, so they get about 3-4 tsp. per day. Another has absolutely nothing wrong with her, so I give it preventatively and to keep her coat good--about 1-2 Tbsp. as she is about 80#. The little one, about 20# gets at least a teaspoon--often more. She has very dry skin and I adjust it to her scratching. The outdoor dog (because she doesn't get along with one of the others in the house, and she came last) gets about a Tbsp. just because she is out in the weather.

I also give it as needed as the occasion(s) arise. For instance, a couple of them recently had some parasites. My holistic vet recommended some other stuff for them, but by the time he got it in the mail to me, I only needed part of it because the coconut oil had already had a good headstart in getting the problem resolved.

These amounts are all subject to change, of course, depending on needs, but I just use common sense. I don't worry much about giving them too much, as long as what I give seems reasonable. I am also in the process of making my own dog food, as the more I read about the processed stuff, the more I'm not willing to feed that stuff to my dogs. If I'm not willing to eat something, I'm not willing to feed it to my dogs. I am using coconut oil in all of their food.


For Cats

I put Virgin Coconut Oil in my kitty's homemade cat food, and her coat is gorgeous. Even the vet commented on how beautiful it was! I also keep a glob (its cold in NY so it stays hard) next to her food bowl, and she nibbles whenever she needs it. Sometimes she doesn't touch it for a while.. then she will eat a lot the next week. I believe she just eats it when her body needs it.

My testimonial is for my beloved cat, Sara. Sara is over 13 years old and is absolutely spoiled rotten!!! She's all black with green eyes rimmed in yellow, with a few stray white hairs on her chest. For the past 3 years Sara had been coughing. She'd stick her neck out close to the ground and cough, as if she had a fur ball. Most of the time while in the house she would not produce anything. It kept getting worse & worse. Once in a while we'd see some fur balls she had coughed up on our deck outside. I had talked to the vet about it many times. They ruled out any lung problems, tested her for thyroid disorders & diabetes...nothing. They determined it was fur balls and gave me a tube of hairball remedy. She licked it off the vet's finger while at the office. I put it on my finger the next day and she would not lick it off. I then put it in her dish - she left it there to rot. I then put it on her paw -- (so she would lick it off) -- she flung it on the carpet and it stained! How frustrating & her cough kept getting worse. I thought - what am I going to do? Then I thought of coconut oil -- it could soothe her throat and improve her fur. Why not? It's very healthy -- I use coconut oil in baking & cooking. I first heated up the oil and mixed it in her food & she would eat it. I noticed while she ate she would deliberately lick the coconut oil first - then eat her food. So now every morning I clean her little bowl and heat up a little coconut oil and I put about a teaspoon in her dish and she licks it right away! She now looks for it every morning and I haven't heard her cough in months! Her coat is absolutely beautiful -- so soft and shiny! The coconut oil ended the fur ball coughing, what a relief! Sincerely,

For Horses

Coconut is a brilliant food for horses giving them extra energy and a shiny coat. I would not hesitate to say that it would do wonders applied externally to the skin of a horse also. In coconut communities coconut oil is a universal treatment for human cuts, abrasions, skin infections of all kinds.

My horse had some kind of irritation on it's face. The vet said it wasn't a fungus. I've been putting Virgin Coconut Oil on it almost everyday and it is definitely clearing. My friend's horse had a cyst on it's face. She has been putting Virgin Coconut Oil on it and the cyst went away. My mare's face is 98% clear now. I also use it on one of my horse's bald face to avoid sunburn. His white nose area would be bright pink when he came in from the pasture. I was putting suntan lotion on him but he would pull away. He loves the Virgin Coconut Oil on his face. They know what is good : ).

The horses really do like the coconut oil! We are having to feed our horses hay cubes to prepare them for a week at a Horse ranch where all they feed is hay cubes. My daughters horse particularly, does not like the cubes! I suggested to her to put some coconut oil on them to see if that would help him eat the cubes and it worked! He started eating them. My only concern now is being able to afford the coconut oil for both our horses and us!!

This information is supplied by a user for horses. I have not had direct experience. He told me that the horses in training for racing are fed between 50 gram and 100 gram per day. They develop greater stamina for both galloping and trotting races, and the shiny coat and general good health is a bonus.

For Birds

MUST share this with you as YOUR product REALLY worked wonderfully & I wanted you to know! I am glad that you have looked further into the coconut oil...I AM NOT attempting to SELL anything BUT please bear with me with one previous instance which frightened me to death.....The other morning I awoke to lots of blood in TIKI's aviary (my Ducorps Cockatoo) evidently somehow she had cracked her beak quite seriously...unbeknownst to me....after bathing her because her feathers were quite bloody from her preening which I did not know at the time... I realized the blood was from her beak...The beak was seriously fractured AND still bleeding...of course it was the weekend with NO avian vets available....I was at a loss... So after cleaning TIKI, seeing she was calm...I took the coconut oil in my hands and abundantly on my fingers...TIKI rested her beak upon my fingers.....as if it were comforting...as if the bird KNEW this was going to help....for 15-20 minutes we continued applying more coconut oil and the bleeding subsided.....to BOTH our relief!!!!! Then, as I worried...I decided that it would be best to only offer TIKI soft foods & liquids with ALOE & coconut oil only, which TIKI nibbled at slowly but surely....each day TIKI healed remarkably...TODAY....four days later...there is little evidence of TIKI's cracked beak...although I continue to feed TIKI oatmeal & veggies with coconut oil each morning very warmed and she eats very well.....SO, I am convinced that the coconut oil indeed helped HEAL TIKI...  TIKI is totally back to normal now.... I even had calls to several vets...who merely said IF I controlled the bleeding there was little they could do UNLESS infection set in...then antibiotics would be necessary...WELL.....thank goodness....COCONUT OIL IS INDEED antiviral & antibacterial....I BELIEVE this is TRUE now....with our specific situation....TIKI continues to rub her beak into coconut oil daily as if the bird KNOWS she NEED it!! NOW that is remarkable I THINK!!

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